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School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)

Are you a school leaver needing assistance to prepare for working life?

Job Centre Australia Choice and Control is a registered provider for the School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES). This package is offered as part of the NDIS Finding & Keeping a Job registration group, and focuses on supporting Year 12 school leavers who are eligible NDIS participants to gain the skills required to transition into employment. School leavers will benefit from a person-centered approach, enabling choice on a combination of individual, social and employment activities all geared around working towards an employment outcome for the individual. Pre–employment training, work experience, job site training, travel training, independent living, personal development as well as communication and social development are all packaged and tailored to assist you in achieving your employment and career goals.

Using a self-directed approach where participants are at the centre of the design and plan of their own pathway, social skills, communication, self-esteem and work skills are all developed as a foundation in readiness for employment.

We recognise that work is the best way to gain confidence and independence, and the earlier that people start on this journey, the better. Opportunities to sample a real range of work experiences will enable informed choice around employment pathways as well as providing exposure to a real working environment. We also offer in house workshops devoted to skills training covering work skills, interview skills, resume writing, pre–employment skills, computer skills, job searching activities, budgeting, travel training, cooking, independent living skills, personal development, enhancing self–esteem and confidence, helping to obtain a learner’s permit, healthy living and much, much more.

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